The aim of this project has been to explore and understand care within families within an ageing society. Being able to better support not only the next generation of carers, but provide access to a network of support from those around us to aid the toughest times life has to offer.

Many of the most challenging things in life require a strong network around us. It is 
important to break away from the stereotypical scenario of caring for an elderly relative
and to care as a collective, supporting each other.

Aura is a way to help families fit communication in with our busy lifestyles, increasing the importance and value of communication whilst encouraging us to reach out and talk. Aura sits in the home allowing you to know who's there for you via subtle light indications. An accompanying user friendly app allows you to expand your network and build strong relationships with those closet to you.
The Design process
Testing was conducted with informal carers I had originally visted for research.
How Aura works
User Feedback
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